About Cheaha

Cheaha Nutrition is a health and nutrition business that specializes in helping people deal with and fight their eating problems. Eating problems can be anything from diagnosable disorders like bulimia and anorexia to an aversion to certain foods. The main goal of Cheaha Nutrition is to help all its clients live healthy lives because they receive the necessary nutrition on a daily basis.

Terri Martin is the lead nutritionist and also the person who founded and runs Cheaha Nutrition. She holds several degrees and diplomas including nutrition, dietary sciences, physiotherapy, food science, and anatomy. She has an astounding knowledge of the human body and how it works. She has also studied almost every diet that is being sold as the best way to lose weight. As most nutritionists will tell you, almost none of those diets will get you the results you want while keeping you healthy,

Cheaha Nutrition does not rely on any specific diet to help its clients reach their nutrition and health goals. Instead, the process they use involves regular consultation, eating plans focused on each client’s specific needs, and tons of support. Every individual has a different eating problem and there is no magic way of fixing everyone. Some people may need psychological assistance as well. Others may need to introduce certain foods at a gradient or remove certain foods from their diet.

If you feel that you can use some help with your eating habits or if you know that you have an eating problem of some kind, please contact us at info@cheahanutrition.com.